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Great News! We can now put your advertising on placemats in 16 different diner locations in Westchester, and Rockland, all at the same time. These diners are split up into four districts that you can choose from. This means that each month, you can have your advertising distributed to 16 local diners on 225,000 placemats.

This advertising promotion is a bargain compared to the cost of reaching over half a million people through direct mailings,
where you would need to pay for a mailing list, artwork, printing, and postage. Plus, with direct mailings, you have no
guarantee your advertising will not end up in the garbage unread, a complete waste of your costly advertising dollars! While
waiting for his or her meal to be served, the diner patron has little choice but to take note of the message displayed on the
placemat, like a billboard the most prevalent thing on the table.

This unique and local advertising product could bring your company to the attention of potential clientele who may never have
taken notice of your company through customary means of advertising.

We hope to be doing business with you in the near
future. Please feel free to contact us at 845-519-4843 or 845-519-4452 with any questions on this terrific promotion.




Advertising Rate Schedule*    
District 31/2 x 2 31/2 x 4
1 District $450 $650
2 Districts $650 $1,200

Discounted Rates*
(For Central and Southern Westchester)

One District 31/2 x 2 31/2 x 4
1 month contract $450/mo. $650/mo.
3 month contract $400/mo. $600/mo.
6 month contract $350/mo. $550/mo.
1 year contract $300/mo. $500/mo.
Rockland, & Northern Westchester Prices
District 31/2 x 2 31/2 x 4
1 month contract $300/mo. $550/mo.
3 month contract $275/mo. $500/mo.
6 month contract $250/mo. $450/mo.
1 year contract $200/mo. $350/mo.
*Prices are presented per month.    
Advertisers are billed on quarterly basis.

Place mat advertising guarantees that in addition to your other marketing initiatives, you are creating top-of-mind awareness.

Click here to view sample place mat.

Please contact us about other ad sizes and rates.

P.O. Box 938, Baldwin Place, NY 10505
ph. 845-519-4452 or 845-519-4843

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